Passages, Malibu is unrivaled and unique when it comes to a thriving industry with a holistic approach to mental, spiritual and physical health. The 12 step drug and alcohol treatment provided here is renowned by many, and is a method that heals people in the most healthful manner, i.e. by the incredible individual care that is offered by our hired professionally trained experts, which leads to an balanced mind, cleansed body and purified spirit. We offer so much more when it comes to addiction treatment methods compared to the numerous other sub-par rehab centers you will find.

We offer a plethora of advanced forms of therapy so that you can find what works best for you, personally, and can allow us to cater to your needs as precisely as possible. In addition to this, the variety that we provide plays a significant role in giving you a balanced and well rounded overall treatment. This is something that is necessary for ensuring the best recovery possible.

One of our best treatment methods is called Adventure Therapy.

Adventure therapy includes a variety of different activities that are not only extremely enjoyable, but are safe and somewhat challenging to provide an outlet that will encourage the use of teamwork and aid the individual in growing as a person. Here at Passages, we do our best to help the clients to gain confidence, improve their leadership qualities, bravery, and trust through these activities, allowing them to flourish and gain both respect and love for themselves while developing on their own and also as a team. Adventure therapy is most effective when performed in conjunction with yoga and tai chi, services which are also offered at Passages.

Our professional adventure therapists will help you to find new purpose in your life while simultaneously discovering yourself and learning things you would have never imagined.