Here at Passages, Malibu, we do not believe in restricting clients to stick simply to one type of therapy while neglecting everything else. We believe that a balanced yet varied routine is the best choice when it comes to recovering and improving your mental, spiritual and physical health. That is why we make use of numerous addiction treatment methods, including everything from hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to yoga, meditation, and, of course, art therapy. These are just a few of our many services.

Art therapy is one particular form of therapy that catches then the interest of many people, and for good reason. Art therapy is a method that some of our trained life purpose counsellors make use of as a way of aiding people in truly exploring their thoughts and emotions, and expressing those elusive feelings, whether they are secret hopes, hidden desires, aspirations, or something entirely different. Whether the feelings are positive ones or negative ones, art therapy is an incredibly beneficial way of just letting it all out and creating something wonderful out of those feelings. As people that have tried it will tell you, it is a truly liberating feeling just to let loose and express yourself in a way that you have never done before.

The different branches of art therapy include drawing, painting, watercolours, collages and more. Perhaps the most famous for, of art therapy is the vision board, which is a form of self-expression in which an individual creates a collage made out of any photos, images or other bits and pieces to create something that represents his or her goals and aspirations for their life.