Ryan Lochte’s alcohol-binge-fueled “Shenanigans” could see him Jailed

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Ryan Lochte’s alcohol-binge-fueled “Shenanigans” could see him Jailed We all see athletes as being the embodiment of clean living and glowing good health, but the recent Olympic scandal reveals a darker side to sport and shows that alcohol can get anyone into trouble with the law. Briefly, the entire debacle revolves around Lochte’s claim that… Read more »

Canadian county uses seized drug money to fund alcohol abuse awareness

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The Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service want to raise awareness about the consequences of alcohol abuse, and they’ll be using funding that originally came from drug seizures and the sale of homes used for criminal activities. The campaign, titled “Was it Worth It?” focuses primarily on the social consequences of drinking. Police are often summoned to deal… Read more »

Are drinking problems and alcoholism among officials being overlooked?

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The USA Today recently uncovered the fact that a newly appointed prison warden has two arrests for drunken driving to his name. These weren’t disclosed prior to his appointment, but no action will be taken to ascertain whether the man has a drinking problem or is an alcoholic. Reporters are disturbed by this turn of… Read more »

Alcohol poisoning: revise your opinion – it’s not really the young who are most vulnerable

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When we hear the words “alcohol poisoning” we immediately think of youngsters, fresh out of school, freshly into the bar scene, putting away drinks and shooters at an alarming rate before being rushed to hospital as their systems rebel against the massive amount of toxins consumed. It’s time to revise that picture. Your typical alcohol… Read more »

It’s not just the substance

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Research conducted at Canada’s Concordia University shows that addiction runs much deeper than the substance itself. Addiction experts have been talking about ‘triggers’ that make recovery difficult for addicts. It turns out that triggers don’t necessarily have to be stressful conditions, they could be the sight of something we associate with our habit – even… Read more »