At Passages, Malibu, blood chemistry analysis is just one among our many different treatment methods that we make use of to help replenish and recover your body, mind, and spirit. The reason we make use of this particular method is because, many times, a chemical imbalance in the blood is what causes a person to resort to abusing drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous substances. In addition to this, there are numerous other ways by which something as simple as a chemical imbalance can negatively affect your life. For example, it can cause depression, anxiety, ADD, irregular sleeping patterns and much more.

When you first decide to come to Passages, Malibu, one of the very first steps that we take is to perform a very thorough analysis of the urine and blood so that we can immediately check whether there is an imbalance or harmful deficiency in your body. Aside from hormone imbalances, a lack of certain essential nutrients (caused by a poor diet or other factors) can also significantly affect your stress levels, your mood and your physical and mental health. Other things that we test for include an accumulation of certain heavy metals or toxic substances which could be negatively affecting you. Some very common problems that we find include an overgrowth of yeast, malabsorption and several other unpleasant issues which can lead one to resort to unconsciously reaching for drugs and alcohol.

In addition to this, we test whether the neurotransmission of the brain is perfectly healthy or not, as these issues can also lead to increased anxiety, depression and more. We carefully evaluate the functioning of the metabolic system, to make sure there are no issues that may have led to the individual performing substance abuse.

The worst part is that drugs and alcohol can often make any health issue much worse, which is why it is important to check these things from the very first day.

Here at Passages, we provide our clients with the appropriate supplements that are required to battle any deficiency or imbalance that they have which may have been what lead them to drugs and alcohol in the first place.