Hands down, the most common reason why people become addicted to drugs and alcohol is because they began by attempting to self-medicate and treat a particular issue that they believed they had.

Unless you are a certified professional, self-medicating is a very dangerous thing to do, and can lead to terrible complications in the long run.

Here at Passages, we aid you in solving the issue that led you to begin self-medicating in the first place, and therefore led you to become addicted to dangerous substances.

Some of these issues may include depression, anxiety, self-hatred, post-traumatic stress disorder and more.

We believe that the best way to combat your issues is by individual therapy, one on one. Here at Passages, we only hire skilled therapists that have been trained and educated to perfection. Our impeccable team of therapists are your best bet at gradually coming to terms with, as well as remove, the issues that you yourself may not have even figured out. The Chemical Dependency Counseling sessions are one of the different types of therapy we offer, and one of the most important, although we also offer other methods such as hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, etc.

The Chemical Dependency Counselor will ease you into figuring out what your problem is, how it came to exist in the first place, and how it can be eliminated by finding alternate ways to allow you to relieve stress aside from substance abuse,

Every single week, the Chemical Dependency Counselor will communicate with the rest of the team that is working with you and update them on any steps they need to take to improve your entire therapy experience.