In our professional, top notch team, we also have a Continuing Care Coordinator with whom you will individually meet during your stay at Passages, Malibu. This is done so that we can put together an external team comprised of trained specialists that will aid you in further developing whatever knowledge, information and experiences you accumulate at our center.

If you have struggled with alcohol-related issues in the past, we can get you a sober coach and sober environment. If you want to rely on physical fitness to help you out, we will help find you a gym and help you get started there. In addition to the, we can help you find a new therapist that will suit your personal needs and is reliable.

While our treatment here at Passages, Malibu is an essential and life-changing process for many people, what comes after the treatment is just as important. It isn’t easy to continue on the sober lifestyle once you leave Passages, which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to go the extra mile and gently guide you onto the path of a new and improved life that is free of addictions and self-harming behaviors.

Here at Passages, out continuing care program is much more elaborate than the majority of other rehab centers out there, because we wish to show our clients that we truly are about them and their health and happiness, not just temporarily, but in the long term. Many renowned experts have praised our continuing care plans and deemed them the best that one can find.

In your very last session with the continuing care coordinator, we will run you through your ongoing care packet, which contains all the information and reminders you will need.