Equine assisted therapy is a treatment method that is not quite the norm, but is incredibly effective. Here at Passages, we offer this form of therapy along with numerous other services such as meditation therapy, spiritual counselling, hypnotherapy and more.

Every single year, equine assisted therapy proves its effectiveness by helping a large number of clients at our center heal themselves from the inside out. This treatment method involves activities that you perform with a horse which are designed to help the individual improve their communication skills via speaking and body language. In addition to this, it helps to develop trust, affection, quick thinking in case of a problem, confidence, leadership qualities and more.

After the equine treatment has been complete, the client is likely to immediately feel remarkably changed in a positive way.

The reason why this form of therapy is so effective is because of the fact that animals are able to follow a human’s lead and do exactly as is communicated to them. The animal and human both mutually respond to each other’s actions, which can be stimulating for the mind and soul–something that is beneficial for someone in recovery.

The connection that is created between an animal and a human is a very advantageous thing, because it helps the client to relax and remove some of their stress. This is something that has, in fact, been proven by science.

This untraditional and unique method of treatment is one of the many perks of staying at Passages, Malibu. You can also be assured that this form of therapy is completely safe–no horseback riding is performed, and specialists are always present during the session.