At Passages, Malibu, we are all for diverse and unique approaches when it comes to therapy. Different methods work for different people, which is why we always like to step out of the box and make use of techniques that the average centers would not. Some of these unique methods include equine assisted therapy, art therapy, and hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a method that is proven to be safe and is a highly effective method of boosting self-confidence, breaking the habit of indulging one’s addictions, and removing any other issues that may have led to drug and alcohol abuse.

This method of therapy involves a professional inducing the client into being in a fully relaxed and calm state of mind, allowing them to remember any past trauma or event that may have caused them to lean towards drugs and alcohol in the first place. This, therefore, helps the professionals to figure out how to tackle those issues. It allows you and your therapists to pinpoint where the exact problem lies, and then deduce how to remove the problem.

In addition to this, during your hypnotherapy session, you will be able to remove the stress and anxiety that you may be feeling. This is done by helping you tap into and relive the memories or problems that have been internally disturbing you, and finally getting it all off of your chest.

In time, hypnotherapy will improve your self-esteem, productivity and more.