When you choose to come to Passages, Malibu, a Life Purpose Counsellor will be assigned to you so as to help you remember or realise your goals, your purpose and what makes you special. Many people that become addicted to harmful substances tend to lose their sense of purpose and meaning. Life purpose counselling is one of the most important treatment methods that we offer in order to help people rediscover themselves after struggling with addictions and other mental or physical issues. Your personality, your talents, your hobbies…all will be rediscovered with the help of our expert team through life purpose counselling, meditation therapy, spiritual counselling and other treatments that we provide.

The reason why it is important to help you rediscover all of these aspects of your life that you may have forgotten about or given up on is because it plays an essential part in getting you your confidence, self-love and self-esteem back, as well as helping you recover and become as you were before struggling with the addictions. This is not an easy or effortless task, but our trained therapists and counsellors do all they can to help each and every client.

Here at Passages, we acknowledge the fact that every single person that walks in here has value, has worth, and deserves the utmost care and efforts on our team’s part. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to help each individual remember who they are and assist them understand how important they are to others.