One of the most valuable things in the world is the relationship that you have with your significant other and other loved ones. However, that is not to say that these relationships are easy to maintain, especially when you are struggling with deep rooted issues yourself and facing an addiction.

When someone struggles with an alcohol and drug addiction, they do not suffer alone. Every family member and loved one that cares about that individual suffers along with them, which is why we hire the best Marriage and Family Therapists here at Passages, Malibu. We also help you identify and tackle any thoughts or ideas that you believe may have contributed to the change in your relationship with family members. In addition to this, whether some past trauma with family was a cause of your drug and alcohol abuse will also be looked into.  Everything from childhood issues to problems that occurred in your adult life will be discovered between you and your therapist, and then a method of removing these obstacles will be devised.

This form of therapy works wonders when paired with some of the other treatments we offer, such as psychotherapy and life purpose counselling. During your stay at Passages, you will meet with your Marriage and Family Therapist on a biweekly basis during individual sessions.

The reason why this is so important is because you can not fully recover until you discover the root cause of your problems. This form of therapy looks into the details of your relationships with family to try and find and eradicate the issues that have been negatively affecting you.