At Passages, we have a belief that addiction is not a disease. Instead, according to our research, we have come to realize that addiction is caused by one of the following circumstances:

  • Hormonal or chemical imbalance
  • Events in their past that have not been reconciled
  • Current circumstances that are too much to bear
  • Things that appear true to the user but aren’t

Hence, anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol is doing so due to their circumstances. Through extensive research and years of hands-on experience, our team has come to learn that the main problem isn’t the addiction; it is the problem that is driving the user to the drug.

To combat this, we came up with a non 12 step, unique treatment in 2001, and since then have been viewed as leaders in addiction rehabilitation throughout the world. Before Passages was developed, addicts were often viewed as lost causes, and addiction was regarded as diseases associated with stigma, shame, and regret. We have changed that.

Our aim is to target the WHY behind the problem. According to our research, every substance abuser has a reason why they do what they do. And we believe that the fastest, most permanent method to uprooting addiction is to find that reason. Whatever the problem, be it anxiety, depression or unresolved personal matters, Passages gives you the individual, customized treatment and one-on-one therapy that will help uncover what drags you to the drugs or alcohol.

What we came up with was a long overdue revelation, and now many other rehab facilities are trying to replicate the program we have here. However, if you are researching other programs outside of Passages, you need to be diligent. Many centers stick to the old group therapy sessions and observe the same old methods that make the addiction out to be a disease.

At Passages, you are promised a customized, unique treatment plan in all the comfort and luxury that you need to recover fully. You will be given the maximum benefit and comfort and personal attention that you may need to heal properly. Our philosophy is different. We believe you deserve something reliable; something that works.

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