Here at Passages, Malibu, our goal is to help people recover to their full potential, not only mentally and emotionally, but also physically. Drugs and alcohol take a terrible toll on your state of mind, which is why we have treatments such as meditation therapy, spiritual counselling and more to help you recover in that aspect.

However, we also include treatments that will help you recover your physical health, while also providing some internal benefits. Physical fitness training, in conjunction with nutrition counselling, has been proven to provide amazing results for those that are recovering from addictions. It can help you to stay balanced, sober and happy.

One benefit of choosing Passages, Malibu is that you will not need to travel to a separate gym for the sake of your physical fitness training. A top notch gym is present in the center itself, which is a great bonus. During your physical fitness sessions, you will have one on one interaction with our Certified Fitness Instructors so that you never feel overwhelmed.

There are multiple different forms of exercise to choose from, so you can pick what suits you, and then experience the amazing feeling of getting physically stronger and mentally happier due to the rush of endorphins. It is because of this endorphin rush that studies have proven a direct link between exercise and decreased stress, anxiety and depression and drastic improvements in one’s mood.

From kayaking to weightlifting, we offer it all. All you need to do is take your pick and get started!