Here at Passages, Malibu, we firmly believe that a drug and alcohol addiction is not something that just automatically happens. There is almost always one, and often more than one, the reason that the person in question felt stressed or alone or depressed and resorted to substance abuse as an attempt to drown their sorrow.

That is why we make use of numerous different therapy methods to help our clients and their therapists pinpoint the root of the problem, and tackle said problem so as to prevent the individual from ever slipping back into their bad habits and returning to alcohol. For this reason, our individualized psychotherapy sessions are an essential part of the treatment, especially in conjunction with marriage and family therapy, spiritual counselling, etc.

The psychotherapy sessions are meant to be a place where clients can delve deeper into the reasons why they do the things they do, and therefore learn to correct the undesirable habits or addictive behaviors. Whether your reasons for resorting to drugs and alcohol were depression, loss, anxiety, financial issues or anything else, our therapists will help you figure it out.

In a way, psychotherapy sessions are one of the most important parts of the recovery process, as they lay the base on which the client and the therapists will continue to build upon.

Here at Passages, a therapist will speak to you and get to know you one and one so as to tackle your issues as an individual rather than simply put you in a group with random people.