Passages Malibu is proud to offer you the finest drug rehab facility and treatment program available in the world. Our superior treatment center has been rated #1 by Healthcare Global Magazines, and we have also made it into Forbes Magazine’s list of the most deluxe rehab centers in the world.

However, this recognition was not just bestowed upon us. It came after years of hard work and dedication in perfecting our program and adhering to our core philosophy of treating addiction. In a world where the rest of the rehab centers stick to the conventional method of group therapy, we decide to be unique and provide you with an efficient one-on-one therapy program that is customized to your needs. Whether you need therapy for drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs or require a detox center, our team will guide you through the treatment hand in hand. Here, you will find that we merge successful treatment methods with personalized care.

We believe we are different, and here are some of the reasons we think so:

  1. Individual therapy– (personal, one-on-one therapy, instead of group meetings)
  2. 24-hour nursing staff– (licensed, experienced nurses to oversee your needs)
  3. A treatment team including addiction experts and therapists– (4:1 client to staff ratio and personalized therapy)
  4. freedom to use cell phones and laptops– (remain connected to family and business during your stay at Passages)
  5. 22 different types of holistic methods– (customized to meet your individual needs, taking into consideration the specific aspects of your addiction)

Our luxurious center also grants you the benefit of world class services. During your time at Passages Malibu, you will be able to enjoy:

  1. Five different estates, each with a breathtaking ocean view
  2. 10 acres of Malibu grounds
  3. Tennis court
  4. Full gym with personal trainers
  5. Private and peaceful detox unit situated over the Pacific Ocean
  6. two swimming pools and a Jacuzzi

Our services are unique; there is no rehab center to Parallel Passages. We are the epitome of quality, and we offer a new method of treating addiction- a technique that works. So, if you are ready to leave behind your old life of lethargy and dependency and are eager to get a fresh start at life, Passages Malibu is the place for you. Contact us today to benefit from the extensive range of services and facilities we provide.

Your future is waiting.

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Passages Malibu is Ready for You

Addiction can be unrelenting, but Passages Malibu offers an easier way of life. Call now at 855-861-6179 to find out if your insurance will cover our treatments, or to learn about our financing options so that you can get the help you need today.