At Passages, Malibu, we like to incorporate a combination of mentally, spiritually and physically stimulating activities in our treatment. When it comes to the physical aspect of things, we offer physical training, yoga, and a ropes course.

The ropes course is a highly beneficial method of treatment, because it not only improves the health of your body, but also teaches you to set and achieve goals, to be more confident, to take a few risks now and then and rid yourself of unnecessary fears. During this course, you may also experience a sense of teamwork and leadership, and just feel yourself grow as an individual. The course is perfectly designed by experts to be completely safe, and not something that only extremely fit people can do.

Whether you have been sedentary or a gym rat, the ropes course is something that you can take part in.

At Passages, we have strived for many years to perfect our substance abuse and treatment program, and are continuously adding more to it and improving it even further, so as to offer our clients a versatile range of different treatment methods that will allow them to leave the center feeling balanced and content, and possibly better than they had ever felt before. Our goal is not only to heal the damage that months, or even years, of substance abuse, may have done, but also to bring confidence, self-love, and contentment into the life of each individual that chooses our center.