One reason why you should choose Passages, Malibu over any other center is because of the fact that we take everything into account: mind, body, soul. Most centers will focus only on one aspect, i.e. the mental or physical aspect. However, drug and alcohol abuse damages people in more ways than one, and our approach is designed to combat that damage by healing people in more ways than one.

We continuously add new addiction treatment methods to our list of different types of sessions, so as to provide the best variety for our clients. One of our more unique methods is called sound therapy, which is an age old technique that has been shown to help people recover in numerous ways. This method is one that you may not be able to find at other rehabilitation centers.

The way in which sound therapy works is that it uses vibrations to affect the cellular resonance in the body, and heal people’s depression, anxiety, and other issues at a cellular level. This technique, when paired with hypnotherapy, acupuncture and our other methods of treatment can make a huge difference to your stress levels as well as your physical health.

During the sound therapy sessions, a number of different kinds of instruments are used to create different sounds, including some unique ones from different parts of the world, such as a didgeridoo, quartz crystal singing bowls and even the voice of our in-house Spiritual Counselor.