Tai chi is something that many people may have heard of. It is, in fact, an ancient Chinese martial art, mainly learned in order to defend oneself. At Passages, Malibu, we have introduced Tai chi as a method if helping those that have struggled with addictions in the past. The reason we chose this activity is because of the numerous health benefits of it, not only physically but also mentally and spiritually.

Tai chi is not at all an intense or terribly exhausting activity. It is not intended to wear the clients out and leave them fatigued. On the contrary, Tai chi focuses on slow, careful and gentle movements of each of your limbs, as well as the torso. This is done to get the blood flowing in the body, and therefore improve your physical health while also greatly reducing stress and anxiety over time. When paired with meditation therapy and physical fitness therapy, Tai chi is a greatly effective treatment to make you stronger, fitter, healthier, balanced from the inside out and more at ease and at peace with yourself and other people.

As many people that have performed the activity will tell you, Tai chi leaves you feeling calm and serene after the session is over, and also provides you with a sense of contentment and self-love.

It is the ideal treatment for people that do not enjoy seated meditation, as it produces a similar effect but allows you to move during the process rather than stay sitting still.